Duggirala Srikrishna: From waiter to student leader in JNU

First Published 13, Sep 2017, 5:51 PM IST
Duggirala Srikrishna From waiter to student leader in JNU
  • Duggirala Srikrishna, the new general Secretary of JNU Delhi, started his life at the lowest rung of the ladder
  • He did many menial jobs to pursue his studies and now has carved a niche for himself as a student leader in one of the most reputed institutions in India
  • His hard work and dedication paved the way for his career

The student wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) along with its allies AISA (All India Students Association and the SFI-breakaway DSF (Democratic Students Federation) won all the four posts of the prestigious student panel in JNU (Jawarharlal Nehru University) in New Delhi.

Geeta Kumari won as the President, Simone Zoya Khan as the Vice-President, Duggirala Srikrishna as General Secretary and Subhanshu Singh as the Joint Secretary.

General Secretary Duggirala Srikrishna (27) is a Telugu Dalit youth from Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh but shifted to Hyderabad in his childhood. His father worked as a daily wage labourer and it was a fight for day-to-day existence for the family.

From the level of utmost poverty, Srikrishna strived hard to continue his studies by doing menial jobs from being a waiter to a make-up artist for Telugu film stars. He worked as waiter in the engagement function of tennis star Sania Mirza and did make-up for Telugu film stars like Kajal Agarwal, Anushka, Priya Anand, Haripriya and others. He said he liked director SS Rajamouli for his discipline, dedication and hard work.

He took up 17 jobs till he reached JNU for his post graduation, sometimes morning and night jobs together in order to not be a burden to his family.  He completed his degree in Hyderabad and joined JNU in 2013.

His hard work and dedication made him a student leader in one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. He won the General Secretary post beating three contenders and won 2,042 votes out of 4,620 votes. His commitment towards his students is witnessed when he invited students at 8 am to his room to discuss union work even after being a part of the celebrations till 4am.

He said that his parents do not know anything about union. His aim is to work for the benefit of students of humble background since he also had come from the same. He promised to be available to every student to share their problems. He thanked SFI for their valuable support and encouragement.