The Telangana government initiated the land survey campaign to facilitate the agricultural department with information on how much land a farmer owns in order to avoid future problems for them.  But within a week of survey, officials found 9,000 additional acres are shown in the pattadhar passbooks, which never really existed.

This is due to the irregularities in land registrations by the revenue government. The fake land owners created fake documents and enjoyed loans on a low rate of interest. This news is reported by the Deccan Chronicle, according to which officials identified 1500 additional acres in Mahboobnagar district.

The next district of land ownership inflation was in Gadwel district (800 acres), Peddapalli (700 acres), Suryapet (650 acres), Nagarkurnool (600 acres), Wanaparty (550 acres) and Kamareddy (500 acres). The rest of the excess land was found in other districts.

The survey also detected 4,000 acres which had not been entered into land records or pattadar passbooks. These lands are under the possession of people who have taken up agriculture, built godowns, poultry farms and commercial ventures. 

Officials have so far identified 90,000 survey numbers which have not gone into the land records. The land survey which ends on December 31st would reveal more such instances of additional lands.