Congress leader DK Aruna takes a dig at IT Minister KTR

First Published 19, Sep 2017, 7:01 PM IST
Congress leader DK Aruna takes a dig at IT Minister KTR
  • Congress leader and Gadwel MLA DK Aruna alleged that KTR was involved in a Rs 150 crore scam in the distribution of Bathukamma sarees
  • She remarked that it is wrong to file police cases on women who burnt the sarees

Congress leader and Gadwel MLA DK Aruna spoke to the media at Gandhi Bhavan along with Nalamada MLA Uttam Padmavathi Reddy and directed her ire at the IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao.

“Is it wrong if we speak about the quality of the distributed sarees? KTR is using foul language against Congress accusing the party of organising the agitation. Does the opposition have no right to question the ruling government when they are misusing public money to fill their pockets in the name of Bathukamma sarees? What does KTR know about sarees? He should ask women’s forgiveness for distributing such low quality sarees.

“Is it wrong of women to question about the cheap quality of the sarees? They were disappointed and expressed their grief. Didn’t the government say that they would distribute handwoven sarees?

“The government has scammed Rs 150 crores in the name of Bathukamma sarees. It isn’t correct to file cases on women for showing their grief by burning the sarees. The cases should be immediately withdrawn. The government should immediately withdraw the Bathukamma sarees and credit the respective amount in their account.

“Andhra leaders have taken away the flesh of the people and now K Chandrasekhar Rao is munching on the bones,” she said.

She also warned the Telangana government not to accuse Congress for all their mistakes as the people will not spare them.