US President Donald Trump's advisor and daughter Ivanka Trump inaugurated the three-day Global Entrepreneurship Summit from November 28-30. In her inaugural address she spoke about access to capital and equitable laws for women entrepreneurs and that closing gender entrepreneurship gap could grow global GDP by up to 2 percent.

She said that despite the soaring rate of female entrepreneurs, women still face steep obstacles to starting, owning and growing their businesses.

She appreciated the Indians for bringing 13 crores of people from poverty and their aim to bring 50 crores to middle class by 2030 and have been establishing universities.

 ‘Women First, Prosperity for All’ being the theme of GES, for the first time saw majority of women out of the 1500 delegations attending the Summit and congratulated all the women entrepreneurs for their contribution to the economy. She shared her personal experience as an employee and an entrepreneur and that women had to put in more hours and work than their male counterparts.

She said that at present US has 1.1 crore women entrepreneurs who gave employment to 90 lakh people. But women face troubles in getting funding. Ivanka stressed the fact that there are unequal laws for the male and female entrepreneurs. The developed and developing nations have brought in some changes but still need to do so.

Ivanka felicitated three women entrepreneurs from across the world during the course of her address

  1. Dara Dotz is the Co-founder and Principal Designer of Field Ready in Haiti. This company provides humanitarian supplies used in the field of 3D printing.
  2. Reyhan Camalova started Rainergy which harvests energy from rainwater. 15-year-old Reyhan aims at lighting up one house at a time.
  3. Rajlakshmi D Borthakur from Bengaluru started TerraBlue XT which created a smart glove that tracks heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and brainwave activity to give signals as to when the next epilepsy seizure would happen

She concluded her address with a vision for the entrepreneurs to save lives, create jobs and bring hope to communities, to dream big for a just and prosperous future.