Hyderabad’s posh locality of Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills is famous for its KBR (Kasu Brahmananda Reddy) National Park where the rich and famous frequent it for their morning walks. The park for the past 10 years has been under the grip of fear of chain snatching in spite of many trials by the police to nab the thief.

The police after a thorough study of the park’s blueprint, specially equipped 60 cameras around the park. Even when that didn’t stop the chain snatcher, they arranged for another 25 cameras. But the chain snatcher who was clever enough to avoid all cameras was finally nabbed because of his small habit of greeting twin stunt masters.

According to West Zone DCP Venkateswara Rao who spoke to the media at Banjara Hills gave details of the thief. Narsimha alias Rishi Chinna (25) belonging to Karmikanagar is a car driver used to luxurious life which ultimately led him to chain snatching. He studied till Class X but introduced himself as an Engineering student with a smart phone and rich look.

 He walked in the park daily and studied each and every part of the park identifying safe places and important people. As part of this regime he met the twin stunt masters and greeted them daily which led to him being nabbed.

On 19th of September he snatched the chain of an old woman Suseela Devi in the park and while escaping came across the stunt masters and greeted them. When the stuntmen walked further and heard about the chain snatching, they doubted it could be Rishi as he was the only one who went that way.

Four days later Rishi came to the park for another chain snatch as he wished to visit Thailand for a massage. Stuntmen showed him to the police who nabbed him. He tried to escape by stating that he was a student but the cops found on him seven gold chains worth 250 grams. The police also arrested the jeweller Satyanarayanachari who bought the loot from Rishi.

Rishi was successful thrice in escaping the police in the past. Two houses in KPHB were looted and when police nabbed him, he escaped saying that he was a student. The third time he was caught by Banjara Hills police regarding chain snatching and again he escaped.

But this time his one small habit of greeting the stuntmen led him to be nabbed and thrown into prison.