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Telangana: Youths in the grip of cannabis sold in the form of chocolates

  • Drug smuggling has become a large business in Telangana
  • Cannabis is sold to youth and students
  • They are sold in the form of cigarettes and chocolates which makes it hard for the police and excise officials to track them down
Cannabis sold in the form of chocolates to youths
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Cannabis in the form of cigarettes and chocolates is being spread to Mortad, Bheemgal, Armoor, Velpur and Kammarpally regions in Telangana. Earlier it was identified in Nizamabad and it has now spread to other regions. Tobacco in the cigarette is removed and filled with cannabis and the youth are attracted to it as it gives them more intoxication than alcohol.

These cigarettes are sold at the cost of Rs 200 to Rs 500 and Rs 1000 per 50 gms of cannabis packed cigarette which is bought and inhaled by two to three youth. The cannabis doesn’t even smell which makes it all the more difficult to track down.

The Excise department appointed for the eradication of cannabis has a scarcity of staff. There are Excise stations in Mortad, Bheemgal, Armoor, Nizamabad, Bodhan, Kamareddy, Banswada, Yellareddy, Bichkunda and Domakonda but the staff is busy with auction of wines, sales of alcohol and rehabilitation of culprits. They do not have time to keep an eye on cannabis and the excise officials say that they conduct raids only when they get information about cannabis smuggling.

The police and Excise department cannot control drug smuggling as it is a means of huge income in a limited period of time. The smugglers do not leave this business and the business continues even when some of the smugglers are caught. Cannabis is grown in some forest regions of Bheemgal, Sirikonda, Kammapally, Gandhari, Machareddy and Varni mandals. Apart from these areas, cannabis grown in Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh is smuggled to these areas through railway stations.

The increase in number of smugglers is a cause of rampant cannabis smuggling and the network has spread far and wide. Counselling should be given to victims of cannabis so that they would know the negative effects of cannabis and stop its consumption.

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