Billionaire dad makes son work as labourer in Hyderabad, earlier sent his elder son to Kochi

telangana | 12 August 2017 9:33 AM (UTC)
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  • Gujarat diamond businessman’s younger son anonymously lived the life of an ordinary labourer for a month in Hyderabad
  • Businessman Ghanshyam Dholakia of Gujarat wanted his son to taste the life of a poor labourer and sent him to live in Hyderabad for a month
  • Hitarth led a normal life working in Secunderabad and slept in a single room along with his co-workers

According to reports, the youngest son of a Gujarati billionaire came to Hyderabad to lead the life of an anonymous labourer for a month. Hitarth Dholakia, youngest son of Gujarat’s Harekrishna Exports and diamond businessman Ghanshyam Dholakia, on his father’s behest, lived the life of an ordinary person for one month.

Hitarth reached Hyderabad via flight and reached Secunderabad by bus. He spent the first night at a hotel at Rs 100 for a bed and told everyone that he belonged to a farmer’s family and came looking for work. On the advice of a bus conductor, he went to Ameerpet.

At first he worked in a company in Hitech city, and then moved to MACDI from which he shifted to Nike and then Adidas. After working for one week he joined a White Board Manufacturing unit in Secunderabad.

He lived with rickshaw pullers for some days, with a swamiji for some days and then his co-workers in a single room eating food from the roadside. After a month he informed his family who visited the shop Hitarth worked and the room he stayed.

Hitarth sharing his experiences with the media said that everyone were very helpful, received him with affection and were anxious to help him when he sought work. He said these experiences taught him about life and that he’s very happy to be in Hyderabad.

Hitarth’s brother also worked as a labourer in Kerala for a month. Dravya Dholakia, 21, was doing an MBA in the US and was sent to Kochi on June 21, 2016 with three pairs of clothes and Rs 7,000 that his father instructed should be used only in an emergency.

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