Arrested IS-sympathisers attack Chanchalguda warders

First Published 18, Sep 2017, 4:04 PM IST
Arrested IS sympathisers attack Chanchalguda warders
  • The three undertrials had plotted an explosion in 2016.
  • They, along with five others were arrested by the NIA.
  • The trio allegedly assaulted the warder and other staff officials who tried to stop them from walking out in the open area. 

Three alleged ISIS sympathisers and high security undertrials reportedly attempted to walk out in the open area that led to the main gate after attacking the prison warder and other officials who tried to stop them. The trio were arrested, along with five others, by the National Investigation Agency for allegedly planning to carry out explosions in Hyderabad in 2016. 

On Saturday, the three men- Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani, his brother Mohammed Iliyas Yazdani, and Ataullah Rahman -were visited by their family members who brought them eatales. When the prison officials were checking the basket at Wicket Gate of Search Gate (II Main gate), the three men started walking toward the gate, despite warnings by the warder. This happened at around 12:30 pm when the warder was taking three other prisoners to the out court.

Speaking to the New Indian Express, prison DG VK Singh said, "The undertrials pushed warder Sampath away and entered into the main gate forcibly. They used very filthy language and abusive words towards the prison officials and also attacked the other prison staff who tried to stop them. But, the situation was brought under control, before anything went worse. A complaint is given against the trio in connection with the incident." A complaint has been lodged against the three men.