Angry lover slits girl’s throat with knife for jilting him

First Published 13, Oct 2017, 2:44 PM IST
Angry lover slits girls throat with knife for jilting him
  • A lover angry with his girlfriend for not talking to him attacked her and slit her throat
  • The parents of both the families reportedly had a disagreement during their marriage talks
  • This led to the girl not speaking to the boy

In a shocking incident, a young man angry with his girlfriend for not speaking to him attacked her with knife, slitting her throat. This incident happened on Wednesday night in a spinning mill in Remalle village of Bapulapadu mandal.

23 year-old Kamal Kanth belonging to Bagana village in Bhadrak district of Odisha has been working with 20 year-old Rinki Rani belonging to the same district but Sundarpur village. The duo had been working in a spinning mill for the past two years. Living in the company quarters, both fell in love and approached their parents for marriage since both belonged to the same caste.

Rinki went home 15 days before and Kamal Kanth sent his family to meet her parents. But during the course of the marriage talks both the families had disagreements leading to a dilemma.

Rinki after returning back from home two days ago stopped speaking to Kamal which infuriated him. Kamal went to Rinki’s room on Wednesday at 10:00 pm and accosted Rinki in the presence of her friends. Rinki refused to speak to Kamal, which led to Kamal attacking Rinki with a knife and injuring her on the throat.

She was immediately taken to Chinoutpalli Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Hospital where she’s undergoing treatment. Veeravalli SI Naga Durga Rao is investigating the case and the police are in search of Kamal Kanth who is absconding.