Even with Andhra Pradesh being divided into two the animosity between the two states hasn’t reduced. Starting a new dispute Andhra Pradesh has cut off the power supply to Telangana due to non-payment of Rs 4,440 crore.

However, The New Indian Express reported the Telangana state officials saying that they are not worried since there is plenty of power available in the open market. With the onset of monsoon, the demand for power has gone down to 140 million units a day.

Telangana purchased 172 MW on Monday on the open market.

The officials have said that there is no provision in this year’s budget to pay Andhra Pradesh their dues. The payment can be made only from next year’s budgetary allocation if the government proposes it. 

Telangana officials have warned Andhra Pradesh that coal supplies from Singareni Collieries Company Limited would be stopped. 

The bifurcation of 900 power employees is pending between the two states. The governor will resolve this and other issues at Raj Bhavan.