Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) Chairman Prof. M Kodandaram said that a decision would be made after the unemployed meet on November 30 to convert TJAC into a full-fledged political party. The decision was the culmination of pressure from all sides especially a few Telangana Rashtra Samithi MLAs who are intent that TJAC be a political party.

Professor Kodandaram speaking to the media on various issues especially the unemployed meet on November 30 for justice to the jobless youth. Even prior to that, the TJAC meeting largely discussed on the issue of launching a political party.

The TJAC will officially finalise on the issue when it will meet in December after the Amarula Sphoorthy Yatra in Nalgonda district on December 9 and 10. According to sources, there was a lot of discussion on the issue and many of the leaders were intent on calling it the Telangana JAC as it is already famous among the people. So a new political party in January is on cards.

TJAC has always acted as the main opposition in spite of it not being a political party. It raised its voice on the atrocities of the TRS government and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. TRS had been luring leaders from other parties into its fold making it as an undisputed party.

But TJAC has always been like a thorn in its side and now with its decision to parade as a political party is not good news for TRS. The political scenario of Telangana will witness a surprising change after January with the launch of TJAC as a political party.