Any tourist to Hyderabad will have the Salar Jung Museum on their list. A further excursion in the area will land you right in front of this impressive red and gray worn out building fascade, which bears the board Govt City College. It had its humble beginnings as an Urdu School, which later transformed into a legendary structure standing alongside the grand edifice of Telangana High Court and facing the Osmania Hospital

Here are some fascinating points on the history of Telangana’s Government City College

#The Nizam Mahbub Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI of Hyderabad ordered the building of the first school Madarsa Dar-ul-uloom as early as 1865, later Nizam Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII, converted it into a City High School. So now owing to its age and contribution to the educational development of the city, the campus is one of the Heritage structures in Hyderabad.

#The school moved into the present grand edifice in 1921. Intermediate sections (F.A) of Osmania University with 30 students were introduced in 1921 under the supervision of the high school with Urdu as the medium of instruction. In 1929, the school was upgraded to a college and was named as “City College”. It became a constituent college of Osmania University.

#In those days, the architecture and building had been entrusted to British architect Vincent Esch. He was commissioned by the Nizam in between 1915-20 with a total outlay of Rs 8,36,919. 

#Do take note of its architectural synthesis – It has hints of the style in which the Ajanta and Ellora caves with the elegant indo-Saracen arches of superstructure and façade to represent the composite culture of Hyderabad.  

#The designer had a mandate that the architecture draws upon elements from both Hindu and Islamic architecture, creating a unique palate, where it could depict secularism.  It is three-storied structure with a large central archway and parapets with many onion domes supported by brackets as well as corbels and lintels in the Hindu style of architecture. The building has four imposing arched entrances and has been built around six courts. These small courtyard spaces provide both natural light and ventilation to the classrooms.

#The government city college stands on the south bank of the river Musi, between Puranapul (built in 1578) and Nayapul. 

#The institution boasts of outstanding Alumni. Union Cabinet Ministers likeShivaraj Patil,  P. Siva Shanker, chief ministers like Sri S.B. Chavan, Sri Veerendra Patil and Marri. Chenna Reddy

#The Government City College of Telangana is familiar sight, one that you have seen in a lot of South Indian and Bollywood films even. The college campus can be seen in Ganesh (film), Naaga, Tere Naam, Boys (2003 film), Vennela, Vedam (film) etc.