Rohan Joshi along with other AIB members had slammed TVF for an insensitive post after an ex-employee  (calling herself the Indian Fowler) explained her horrid experience with CEO Arunabh Kumar in a Medium post. Soon, other women started sharing their stories and about nine women have come forward accusing Kumar.

TVF CEO Arunabh Kumar

Today, an unverified user put out a post accusing AIB star Rohan Joshi of sexual harassment a year ago. Within two hours, the post was pulled out and he or she apologised for the post and said what a great guy Rohan is. You must be wondering what is happening? Well, the user further explains the reason for doing -  Indian Fowler shouldn't be believed. 

Take a look at the post apologising and trying to prove a point:

Indian Fowler is a TVF ex-employee who has shared her experience with Arunabh Kumar while working with him for about two years.  Here's the post accusing Joshi:

Rohan Joshi was among the ones who slammed TVF for an insensitive post.  AIB members backed the victim with these tweets:


Meanwhile, Joshi has responded to the 'unverified' Redditor with these tweets: