Jallikattu protests gripped not only Chennai, but also drew support from Indians across the world. While many got out on the streets and spectators around the world pitched their support from cozy couches, there were some in the city who had their important tasks interrupted with uncertain situations.


One such Ola customer has written about a haphazard day and how an Ola driver came to the rescue. The commuter feedback talks about 20 January, when Chennai was all charged to go up with arms against the ban on Jallikattu. That led to a half day on account of the protests leading to termination of public transport including trains.  "I had a conference in the evening. The person bringing some displays from Bangalore got stuck at Katpadi as all trains were terminated there," he said. 


So, the only way was to go by a taxi and an outstation car arrived with a lady driver, which itself is a rare feat in Chennai. "A total distance of around 300kms and I booked an Ola Outstation with a 24 hour package. The car that arrived had a lady driver named Jailakshmi. My man at T Nagar left in her car at 12.45 in the afternoon & returned back to Manapakkam with the exhibits by 5.15PM - what a non-stop, fast driving by the lady."


Now, that’s not all. Demonetisaion and Jallikattu protests can be a lethal combination. And, the commuter didn't have enough cash to pay her. The driver didn't create a fuss and instead let go as she realised the urgency. "Upon returning I said that I could not manage cash withdrawal from the ATMS. I had paid her only Rs 500 against the trip charges of Rs 3100. She remained cool and just gave her account number & asked me to transfer before tomorrow morning. Even I would not have had this trust and attitude. She got another booking and immediately left on another trip,” the commuter wrote. 


So, he could go ahead with the conference on time. We spoke to Jayalakshmi who confirmed the incident. 34 years old Jayalakshmi joined as a Ola Pink driver two years ago, and worked at a valet parking prior to that. However, she prefers Outstation trips, owing to her love for travel. "He seemed like he had something urgent and important going on and kept trying to make an online payment which wasn’t going through," she said. She also confirmed that the money was transferred the same night. 


Talking about her profession she said there was initial reluctance from family, but they are proud of her today. "I have never faced any issue as a woman driver and most customers are happy to see a lady driver and encourage her,” she said. She has been motivating other home makers to drive as well.


“Anybody who wants to join as a driver can bravely and confidently join. Thanks to Ola’s technology, as long as your device is on, you have nothing to fear as they will know exactly where you are at all times making you feel secure,” she further said.