It's debatable whether a married couple could be great business partners and form a successful venture. It leaves several questions like overflowing work talks at home, ego hassles, what if love fades away and so on. While there are stories that support each side, the latest comes from Shopclues as the founder takes the feud with wife, co-founder public. 


ShopClues, the 'unicorn' online marketplace, has been embroiled in a family drama. Founder Sandeep Aggarwal has accused wife, Radhika Agarwal, publicly for kicking him out of  the company that he founded back in 2011. Sandeep wrote in a Facebook post, which clearly seems like a sarcastic tone how his wife has claimed stake on companies that he founded. Prior to Shopclues, he had founded Droom.


The post says how everything he owns belongs to her. He also wrote about his wife's alleged boyfriend who threatened to kill him. "I am the super woman, can make fool of pretty much anyone, and I own this world and no body else matter. Even when my boy friend threatened to kill you and I came to police station with him in his support for five hours, why are you still not understanding that there is nothing left between us. You do not even have right to breathe because you loved me unconditionally for 20 years and now pay the price," the post reads.

"ShopClues was founded by Sandeep, who handed over the reins of the company to his wife as he was allegedly involved in an insider trading case in the US in 2013. Since, then he has not been actively involved with Shopclues as both Radhika and Sethi took control of the company," according to ETtech.


In another Facebook post, he has questioned Radhika's qualifications and work experience. "2-3 hour long classes and $550 in total fee = a degree from Stanford. Changing web history, tempering with Wikipedia and lying in the press. Intentionally and deliberately kicking out other founding team members by collaborating with once illicit love affair partner," he listed out.