The company is believed to have recalled over 2.5 million units, which is known to have cost the company about $3.2 billion. Questions were raised about how Samsung plans to dispose of the stock of devices could raise alarming environmental concerns.


Samsung has planned to dispose of the units safely and has penned down a blogpost, explaining its plans. It plans to sell them as refurbished phones or rental phones where applicable. However, this would mean answering the ‘concerned authorities’ over the battery issue that had plagued the devices causing them to explode. This could be a tough ride ahead or as some reports point out the company will have to approach regions with gentler rules.


In salvageable units, components can be detached and put up for reuse. Metal extractions will be done using environment-friendly processes, says Samsung.


 "For remaining Galaxy Note 7 devices, components such as semiconductors and camera modules shall be detached by companies specializing in such services and used for test sample production purposes," Samsung has written.