He alleges that most experience working with celebrities have been 'horrendous'. "BookMyBai has worked very closely with a lot of Bollywood celebrities and provided them with a good domestic help in Mumbai and other cities and our experience has not been less than horrendous," he said in the blogpost.


He listed a few cases, but there are a lot more, he said. From allegedly facing threats to spoil the company name and unpaid dues to physical and verbal assault of the domestic help, all these incidents have led the service take such a decision. 


He alleges that one particular celebrity who drives a '3 crore' car, refused to give food to the domestic help. The domestic help was given to eat only tea and bread three times a day. 

Calling another incident as a classic case, he has written that while all went well with this particular celebrity and the maid was happy too, she refused to pay the service charges for the live-in maid and allegedly threatened to file a case of harassment and extortion. 


After listing out a few cases, he has said that he has never come across cases like this with the not-a-Bollywood-celebrity clients. And, even if there is some deficiency of service, it gets resolved mutually. He has gone ahead and warned other startups offering similar services.


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