Facebook is out there to show its dominance in the messaging world, yet again. The company adds another feather to its cap with the group video messaging functionality. 


The video group chat ability is rolling out to leading platforms like Android (via Play Store), iOS (via Apple App Store) and desktop version starting today. It will let you video chat with up to six people, and 50 more can join in via audio. 


To get started, you will need the latest version of Facebook Messenger. On getting the latest version, directly head to a new chat (or an existing group messaging thread) and tap the video icon to start chatting as everyone will be sent notifications. You can also send individual video chat requests. It also lets you use a selfie-mask to make the chats livelier. If you happen to be the seventh friend or later then you will be audio only, but can view the video feed.


The new feature comes just ahead of the holiday season, which pretty much explains Facebook has been putting in a lot of thought on cashing in on the holiday mood.