If you ever thought an elevator to the moon was a joke, think again! This teenager, now based in Chennai, could prove you wrong. 


18-year-old Sai Kiran P has won the NASA Moon prize for proposing an elevator from earth to the moon. This will help with creating human settlement on the moon. Why an elevator? Because it is the most effective way to do so, without the need for rockets, he believes.


He won the second prize in the grade 12 category of the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest, 2017. The contest included entries from around the world up to 12 grade.


The young genius believes that it is quite possible to build elevator and in fact, it would be quite cost effective. He has been working on the project since 2013 and began writing the thesis in March 2016. The thesis states that humans can setup recreation, entertainment, agriculture and governance on the moon. The height of the elevators would be 40,000km and they can be lunar-based or earth-based. 


In the contest, the kids had to design a proposal that will make human settlements possible on the Moon.