The Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is the payment app launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) to make digital payments easy. But the APP though downloaded by lakhs of users so far is said to be giving problems.


Many have complained that the APP just crashes as it cannot handle many users at a time. The server should have been developed with the capacity to handle the ‘crowd’, they say.


In addition, the APP can be operated only in English and Hindi. Those who do not know the language cannot operate it. Thus, in reality, it is not designed to reach out to the common people of India. Many have even alleged that it is another way of government imposing Hindi on the non-Hindi speaking states.


The government was criticised for indirectly supporting private organisations including Paytm. Thus it looks like the Modi government just wants to show that it is for the people and doesn’t aim at helping private retailers make money.


But in reality, though the concepts of demonetisation and programmes like BHIM App have made the PM popular people at ground zero are facing the brunt of these ‘hit’ steps taken by the Centre.


This is what the people who faced problems while using the BHIM App have to say.