Priced at roughly Rs 4000, Nokia's surprise element is the feature phone that was never forgotten - Nokia 3310. Be it the bold design, solid build or long-lasting battery life, it's the device that has been associated with Nokia for the longest time. In India, Nokia is a brand that one can reckon with their first phone or what we can call the beginning of the phone era. 


Nokia will be bringing back the device, which can well serve as a secondary device. While, many desire to own the device just to re-live the metro moments. It will be a 2017 variant of the device, but there is no word on what improvements it may or may not come with. Moreover, with a majority of feature phone users, it may well find some space in the Indian market too. We recently saw Lava and Reliance Jio launch 4G-enabled feature phones. 


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However, these feature phones are priced well below the Rs 4000 mark. At Rs 4,000, you will still get a 5-inch HD display, 8MP camera, 1GB RAM. Nokia had recently released the Nokia 6  in China, available via And, it soon appeared on the eBay, of course not officially, carrying a price tag of Rs 37,000.


This may not be the official launch price, and we aren't even sure of the company will ever bring the Nokia 6 here. Now, it is to be seen if the Nokia 3310, if re-launched, makes it to India via popular online channels like Flipkart or Amazon. 


Nokia may bring the iconic device that could sell like hot cakes due to the 'nostalgic' element, but as a competitive device in the market, it will face stiff competition in the value conscious markets. As a secondary device just for calls and battery, how many people will really like to pay over Rs 4000? Well, this is debatable, so what would you opt for?