Google that usually celebrates prominent personalities and events with doodles that are planned in advanced went against the grain to celebrate the notable achievement.


A celebratory animated Google Doodle shows the earth looking out with a telescope to find other seven planets. Trappist-1 is a star, slightly bigger than Jupiter, and NASA scientists have found that there are seven earth-like planets orbiting around it. This discovery points at the possibility of water bodies and probably life existing on three out of seven of these planets.



This new planet system in inside our galaxy, and said to be 39 light years away, which means we can find them. The Trappist-1 is 200 times dimmer than Jupiter. The seventh of this planet is said to be too cold for liquid oceans, but it was observed just once and there is no confirmation on its orbital distance yet. It is quite possible that there are several other such planets. 


You can watch the animated Google Doodle below: