The Suraksha app is connected to the all Police Hoysalas and comes with a panic button that can be used by women and children in distress. The department has now deployed 51 new Pink Hoysalas. According to the Bangalore Mirror report, though earlier the city police had decided to deploy women cops for patrolling the streets on Pink Hoysalas, it is now believed that women officers will be deployed only for the day shift.


The Pink Hoysalas will be alerted by the city police control room every time they get emergency alerts/calls related to women or children safety. The report further adds that overall the city will have 272 Hoysala patrol vehicles on streets. According to previous report, the patrolling vans will have three police officials and at least, one of them will be woman personnel. The state government has identified the sensitive areas where the patrolling will be done. 


The recent events related to women safety have been showing Bengaluru is a bad light. Asianet Newsable has introduced a similar initiative with the Pink Samaritan app that aims at helping women in distress. You can download the Pink Samaritan app here.