Given the mounting pressure on students and their parents for the top three positions, the Tamil Nadu education department has said that it will not announce the troppers' list in the class 12 results. The announcement was made when a panel meeting in Chennai discussed the reforms that should be made in the education department of Tamil Nadu. 

The decision has come after 20 years since the time educationists demanded that this practice be given up as the focus turns to procuring marks from the act of learning. According to experts, the announcement turns the entire education system into a business since the toppers are then encouraged to promote their tutorial homes or tuition masters for their success. 

The decision was made just a day before the announcement of the 12th results. Education Minister Sengottaiyan said, "The first three ranks will not be announced because students these days are mentally affected even if they lose a mark. So, even parents won't pressurise students too much. This will make sure that imparting knowledge is the focus of our educational institutes."

The ministry further proposed for schemes for the benefit of students studying in Tamil medium schools and who have performed well in the exams. People, however, are divided in their opinions about the move.  Some of them believe that this will affect the motivation of the students who are driven by recognition at the end of the toil they put in beating others in the exam, some others believe that exams are meant for students to test themselves. Hence, giving ranks does not make any sense.

Meanwhile, the ministry is also likely to take decisions on the syllabus and exam dates of 11th standard. Inside sources say that all these decisions will be effective from the session 2018-2019.