DGP of Puducherry police, Sunil Kumar Gautam, flagged off these scooters at an event and mentioned that this new addition would spare the city policemen from the trouble of walking around the beach that draws many visitors especially during evenings and holidays.

As of now, four segways have been employed for patrolling. Two of them have been bought by the police and rest two have been donated. The patrolling on the beach promenade is required to maintain the safety and security of the visitors.
The segways are used by many city police across the world for patrolling certain areas of the city. In China, police use segaways to patrol around Tian'anmen square and other locations. Similarly, many other police agencies use segways to patrol public areas that attract many visitors.

Though these segways have become a popular mode of travelling between short distances, but, the self-balancing electronic scooter is not easy to control or balance on. Also, in many cities authorities have banned using of segways by public for various reasons.