Looks like the spirit that called out to OPS has finally helped him walk to the victory stand. This may be the first war won, but there are many battles that are waiting to confront him - from his dynamics with EPS to Sasikala's expulsion.

The marked silence of AIADMK's deputy general secretary TTV Dinakaran put AIADMK's merger in suspense. TTV Dinakaran finally said, "I quit the party yesterday itself," while he had 8 MLAs in his residence till very late in the night, including his staunch loyalist Vetrivel.

"It was not an attempt to prove majority, nor am I feeling bad. There is no regret over being sidelined. I would have quit the party earlier, had they told me to," continued Dinakaran. The spokesperson for Dinakaran's team, Nanjil Sambath said TTV Dinakaran will not come to the party office henceforth.

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But stepping into the office, from now on, with renewed vigour will be none other than the man who made the dramatic revolt against Sasikala - O Paneerselvam. "This is our first victory. The war was waged against the dominance of Sasikala and family. The E Palanisami faction has taken the right decision in expelling them," he said. Moments after TTV Dinakaran's speech, O Paneerselvam walked to the waiting media like the exiled king, who will now claim his crown back.

Then again, will E Palanisami now return the crown and give up his power that was short-lived? "We will talk about the merger and take appropriate decisions as per the wishes of party members," said OPS.

The current CM of Tamil Nadu E Palanisami hails from the Kongu region, and the Gounder community, who have for years lent their support to the two leaves. They have finally got a representative of theirs on top of the branch. Majority of the MLAs in the party hail from Kongu nadu. Will EPS now disembark?

Personal dynamics will play a key role in the way the party will function, or will that also be scripted by the author in Delhi? However, the quick expulsion by the EPS faction also raises doubts. Can this be one of the Mannargudi strategies to regain the two-leaves symbol?

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