Actor Kamal Haasan may soon take the political plunge, after a surprise announcement on November 7. However, he seems to have started building upon the agendas that he may take up after joining politics. And the fight for the preservation of the Ennore creek is certainly one of them. After tweeting about the ecological concern in the area, Haasan is said to have paid the area a surprise visit.

According to a report by the FIRSTPOST, he is said to have met the fishermen of Kuttukkupam near Ennore and spoken to them about the problems they are facing due to the encroachment in the creek and the Kosaithalaiyar river.

In fact, according to a report by the Times of India, he is said to have been accompanied by activist Nityanand Jayaraman, fisherman RL Srinivasan and Saravanan of the Coastal Resource Centre. Haasan also visited the fly ash pond, which is spread dangerously over an area of 700 acres. Speaking of a shooting of a film in the area, he reportedly said, "In those days the water used to be clear and clean and there was a good depth in the river. The surrounding of the River is covered with full of greenery with mangrove forests all over."

After surveying the damage caused by the three plants in the area, he is said to have visited the Kattuppakkam village and spoken to the fishermen families there. The locals also seem to have reiterated his concerns, narrating the issues they face due to the fly ash and oil deposits in the creek, leading to its blockage. Furthermore, according to an article by the Deccan Chronicle, the actor had Tweeted, "The Vallur Thermal Plant and the North Chennai Thermal Power Plant continue to dump their ash in the Kosasthalai. The government has been indifferent to this though environmental activists have been protesting against these violations for years. Fisherfolk of the area working with other public are seeking to raise their voices but it's like blowing a horn into a dead man's ear."

He had also said, "Any state that does not give the poor the same help and priority that it gives to land dealers is like the riverbank that ignores a good river running by it."

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