MS Dhoni bursts into laughter during the toss In DD Vs CSK Match. Here's why

sports/cricket | 20 May 2018 8:09 AM (UTC)
sabyasachi s

It was DD’s home game, so Shreyas Iyer had to flip the coin and the visiting skipper Dhoni had to call. However, Iyer flipped the coin, sending it a fair distance away from the pitch as MS Dhoni and broadcaster Simon Doull looked on. Dhoni could not stop laughing at the way the coin was tossed. Later, he chose to bowl first.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there’s not even a single dull moment when Mahendra Singh Dhoni is on field. From pretending to take a nap to scaring Ravindra Jadeja with an attempt to throw the ball at him, the 36-year-old lights up a game with his sheer presence. 

MS Dhoni, the captain of Chennai Super Kings, couldn’t stop laughing when Shreyas tossed the coin awkwardly, sending it away from where they both were standing.

During last night's game between Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings, Iyer, the home captain, was asked to do the honours but he couldn’t give proper elevation to the coin, leaving Dhoni and others in splits.


Dhoni won the toss and opted to bowl against Daredevils, who were knocked out of the tournament after winning only three of their 12 matches till May 18. Super Kings had already qualified for the playoffs.

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