This season of the IPL will be an  extremely close call right until the last match as to who will make it to the Playoffs. Let us have a look at every team’s shot at this year’s title.  

As this season’s Indian Premiere League comes to a close 5 teams battle it out to make it to the much awaited Playoffs. Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Kings XI Punjab by 6 wickets yesterday keeping them alive in the tournament and the other aspirants to the trophy. So before we have a look at what are the odds that have to play out for each I  order for them to make it to the Playoffs this season. Let us have a look at the points table as of today.

While Delhi Daredevils have been relegated at a shot at this year’s final . Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings have already sealed a spot at the title as they sit with 18 and 16 points respectively. Let us now have a look at what the other teams require to make it to the Playoffs.

1. Kings XI Punjab

Kings XI Punjab have played 12 matches and have 12 points bagged already. They need to win both of their remaining matches to certain their position in the playoffs and reach 16 points on the table.

However even one win may suffice for the team which will take them to 14 points. If Kings XI Punjab loose to Mumbai Indians, KXIP would still make it to the Playoffs with a better Net Run Rate (NRR).

2. Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals

KKR has secured the third position with 14 points on the scoreboard by defeating RR by 6 wickets and leaves Rajasthan Royals in the 4th position with 12 points. KKR  have one more match to go and this win will definitely secure their position in the Playoffs. As for RR they have one more match to go and if they win this one they will have to depend on the other team’s outcomes.   However if KXIP beat RCB, and CSK beat MI, KXIP AND DD respectively it would still keep the four teams (MI,RR,KXIP AND KKR) in the chase.

3. Mumbai Indians

At the 5th position with 10 points on the table, two wins of their remaining matches may or may not do it for the team. If SRH and CSK win their remaining matches and KXIP loose both their matches, Mumbai Indians would reach 14 points. It would then come down to a better run rate between the three teams.

If MI beat KXIP and loose against DD. They might still have a chance but only in KKR lose their last match. Mumbai Indians will be eliminated if they lose both their matches.

4. Royal Challengers Bangalore

RCB is at the 7th position with 10 points on the scoreboard. If they win their remaining matched it would take them to 14 points. Since KKR already defeated RR and if MI defeat KXIP in today’s match provided RCB win their remaining tow. They would make it to the Playoffs without having to bother about the Run Rate.