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RIP Abhradeep Saha aka 'Angry Rantman': Revisiting 10 popular football rants of the Chelsea fan (WATCH)

Popular football and film commentator Abhradeep Saha, best known by his alias ‘Angry Rantman’, passed away on Tuesday owing to multi-organ failure. He was 27.

football RIP Abhradeep Saha aka 'Angry Rantman': Revisiting 10 popular football rants of the Chelsea fan (WATCH) snt
First Published Apr 17, 2024, 5:01 PM IST

The world of social media and entertainment on Tuesday lost a vibrant voice with the untimely passing of Abhradeep Saha, better known to his legion of followers as ‘Angry Rant Man’. At the tender age of 27, Saha’s journey came to a premature end, leaving behind a void in the realms of football commentary and film critique that may never be filled.

Saha’s sudden demise came as a shock to his fans and followers, who were accustomed to his fiery rants and candid opinions on football and the silver screen. Admitted to Narayana Cardiac Hospital in Bengaluru for serious health complications, Saha underwent an open heart surgery. Despite initially showing signs of improvement, his condition deteriorated, leading to multiple organ failure and the necessity of life support.

What set Saha apart was his unabashed approach to sharing his views. Whether dissecting a controversial refereeing decision during a football clash or tearing apart a poorly executed film, he never minced his words. His passionate outbursts and unfiltered commentary resonated with a generation of fans who craved authenticity in an age of scripted narratives and polished personas.

In the realm of football, Saha’s voice was a force to be reckoned with. The die-hard Chelsea football club fan's analyses were sharp, his criticisms pointed, but underneath it all, there was an undeniable love for the sport. Whether he was dissecting a team’s tactics or berating a player for underperforming, his passion for the game shone through.

Similarly, in the world of cinema, Saha was known for his no-holds-barred reviews. He didn’t sugarcoat his opinions, often earning both praise and ire from filmmakers and audiences alike. Yet, his reviews were always rooted in a deep appreciation for the art form, and his insights were valued by many.

As news of Saha’s passing spread, tributes poured in from across the globe. Fans, colleagues, and even rivals expressed their condolences, acknowledging the impact he had made in the worlds of football and film. His sudden departure serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment.

We revisit Angry Rantman's 10 most popular football videos on YouTube:

1. Humiliating is also not the word... Beyond everything... Man City 6 vs Chelsea 0

2. Worst start to the season | Devastated Shocking as a Chelsea fan | Manchester United 4 vs Chelsea 0

3. Barcelona vs Chelsea (3-0) match reaction....!!!!

4. Losing to a 11th position Everton team is simply not acceptable || Everton vs Chelsea (2-0)

5. KEPA OUT... || Liverpool 5 vs Chelsea 3 (RANT)

6. Chelsea knocked out of FA CUP....!!!! Chelsea 0 vs Manchester united 2

7. Chelsea played School Level Football (RANT) || Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea

8. Rubbish Tactics by Lampard and Negative Body Language by Players || Chelsea 1 vs Manchester City 3



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