Congress leaders and party workers staged a massive protest rally from Freedom Park to the RBI office on Nrupatunga Road against the government’s demonetisation drive bringing the traffic to a halt for more than two hours near the KR Circle.  


This just once instance of how much trouble the general public has to go through. Everytime a protest takes place in Bengaluru, the daily commuters have to suffer as the traffic movement is badly affected.


City experts have long debated that the government should stop allowing protests at Town Hall, Hosur Road, Airport Road and Freedom Park.


 The protest venues should instead be shifted to places where it will not choke the city.

Traffic Expert, MN Shreehari lashing at these protest called by various political parties said, these protests are unwarranted and it is high time that the protest venue like Town Hall, Majestic, Freedom Park and KR Circle all get changed as any protest will choke the heart of the city.

"The government should decide on this subject now, if it fails to address the issue at  the earliest, then court should intervene as we cannot afford any protest that will choke the city and effect business,"  he said.

He also added that, the protest in 10 km radius of Vidhana Soudha, Vikasa Soudha, High Court should be banned to smooth flow of traffic.

V Ravichandar, Chairman and MD at Feedback Consulting, in his observation says,  these days the protest which is a democratic right has turned as inconvenience to democracy.

"I have missed flights due to protest and traffic. Like me many others also have suffered and continue to suffer during such protests that throw city traffic our of the gear, he said.

"The police department should issue traffic advisory and arrange for alternate route," he added.