The relationship between the CPM and CPI, the major players in the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government in Kerala, has never been smooth since the Pinarayi Vijayan ministry assumed power in last may. Ministers and party leaders crossed the line of control and attacked each other on several occasions. 


But the latest reports show that the CPI leaders are not happy with Pinarayi Vijayan's 'dictatorial mode of functioning', and some of them even called him 'Narendra Modi in Mundu (traditional Kerala attire).' Leaders gave vent to their anger at Vijayan during the state executive meeting of the CPI. 


CPI leader Satyan Mokery launched a scathing attack on Vijayan at the meeting and said that the Chief Minister was unnecessarily intervening in the daily affairs of departments under CPI ministers. He even mocked Vijayan as Modi in Mundu, reports said. 

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What irked the CPI leaders the most was Vijayan's alleged attempts to control personal staff members of ministers in his cabinet. The Chief Minister had convened a meeting of all personal staff members the other day and set a code of conduct for them. 


Earlier, CPM leader and Power Minister MM Mani had ruffled feathers in the LDF by calling CPI ministers stupid. Minister AK Balan had also gone public against his CPI colleagues. 


Meanwhile, in an interview to Matrubhumi Weekly, senior CPI leader National Secretariat member Pannyan Raveendran reminded CPM of Bengal debacle and to learn from it. He was responding to the police excesses under Pinarayi Vijayan and the recent encounter killing of Maoists in Nilambur forests.