Indian Army came to the rescue of people of Enathu in Pathanamthitta who were having a harrowing time for last three years. The Army built a Bailey bridge across Kallada river and will soon open it to the public. 

The 18-year-old concrete bridge across Kallada river was closed down on January 10 after cracks were identified on its vents. 

Bailey bridge is a kind of portable bridge constructed from pre-fabricated truss and has been very widely used after World War II. The bridge is strong enough to allow vehicles to ply on it. 

The Army started construction works on Monday and was able to finish the 55-metre-long 3.5-metre wide bridge in three days. The construction of Class 18 bridge was undertaken by Army Engineering Group from Chennai. 

Special machines and large capacity cranes were used to erect steel girders. Kerala State Transport Project also came to the help of Army, and they strengthened the abutments on both sides using granite blocks. 

Remaining works are the restoration of damages piers and construction of approach road, and it will be finished by April 10.