Kozhikode District Collector N Prashant, aka 'Collector Bro',  might be a superstar on social media. But that doesn't stop the Congress MP from the district MK Raghavan from threatening to sue him for allegedly delaying development project.


Though the MP was irate over the delay in approval of funds for a road project under MP's local area development scheme, the Congress leader was more concerned with the collector's social media popularity. "I am living in the society and not in social media," Raghavan said, taking an indirect dig at Prasanth, who has a huge fan following on social media. "The collector is more concerned about cyber rule than people's welfare," the MP said.   


Raghavan alleged that the Collector is deliberately hampering development schemes by delaying fund release and ordering a review of the completed projects. The collector is using Public Relations Department and social media for spreading false propaganda, he added.

The collector is more concerned about cyber rule than people's welfare: MK Raghavan MP

Earlier, collector used to sanction funds in hardly two or three days. But now almost 33 projects are put on hold for a month. Around 35 bills amounting to one crore is awaiting official approval for past two months, Raghavan fumed.


Collector Prasanth formally replied that things would go as per procedure. "Nobody should be worried about that." 

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But his social media response was a funny jibe. On his personal page in which he flashes a colour image with a definition of 'Dadaism, the deliberate nonsense', Collector Bro posted a photo of a basketful of crabs. "You know a basket with crabs need not be covered," he scribbled. Was he referring to the infighting in the Congress where the leaders don't allow others to move, even at their peril? 


The second post was even more hilarious. The Congress had demanded an apology from the collector. In an apparent response to this, he posted a map of Kunnamkulam in Thrissur district, a place famous for duplicate products. The map is obviously a pun on the Malayalam word 'map' that means an apology. 


This is not the first time the Congress party has targetted Prasanth, who won international recognition for his humanitarian projects. In the run-up to the Assembly polls, Raghavan had raised serious allegations against the Collector and said that he was a Communist agent. District Congress President KC Abu had demanded the removal of the collector.

Prasanth won international recognition for Compassionate Kozhikode that encompasses nearly a dozen humanitarian initiatives like 'Operation Sulaimani,' that aims at providing free lunch for all the needy.