Kozhikode district collector N Prasanth, who made news for his sarcastic Facebook posts against Congress MP MK Raghavan following  an open fight over a delay in sanctioning projects, has tendered an unconditional apology for his "acts that hurt the MP."  Earlier, when the MP demanded an apology ('map' in Malayalam), the Collector had responded by posting the map of Kunnnamkulam, a town famous for duplicate products!

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But on Sunday, Prasanth, who is also known as Collector Bro in the social media, the collector posted a real 'map' or apology on his Facebook page following the MP filing a complaint with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Chief Secretary. 

"I feel really sad that the warm relationship with MP M K Raghavan soured. I wish to solve personal issues through one-to-one talk. Several persons are trying to create misunderstanding between us," Nair said.

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"I am nobody to insult the MP and had no intention to do so. There is no need to show ego to the MP, who is more experienced and is higher than me in terms of age and position," he elaborated. 

"I came to know that the MP called me immoral and immature. He must have felt really angry to use such harsh words against me. I don't hesitate to say that I am solely responsible for that," Nair wrote.  The collector concludes by saying that official matters would be dealt officially and that he hoped to clarify things with the MP directly. 


"I take the apology positively," said Raghavan. "People of Kozhikode will pardon the Collector as he unconditionally apologised for all said and done against their MP. I have no personal problems with the Collector," he added. 


The spar between Kozhikode collector and M K Raghavan began when the MP alleged that the collector was deliberately delaying funds hampering development projects. He also said the collector was using social media for defaming him and demanded an apology.