Bengaluru: Manjunathanagar resident Manjula shot a selfie video before hanging herself and accused her landlord and his family as the reason for her death.

Manjula, 36, shot a 36-second video and named her landlord Somanna (Somashekhar) and his family members Bindu, Geetha as the reasons for taking the extreme step.

Manjula hanged herself from the ceiling of her house at Manjunathanagar in Devanahalli, Bengaluru, yesterday at 3.30 pm.

As claimed by her in the video, she had sent her husband to the hospital after the couple got beaten up by Somanna and his family. She also said that she has decided to commit suicide.

Manjula, in the selfie video, said, "Three people are responsible for my death - Bindu, Geetha and Somanna. They had made my life hell. They even snatched my mangalsutra and harassed me. When we went to the police station, the three of them beat us up in front of the cops. Police personnel did not even bother to ask anything. I have sent my husband to the hospital and I am going to hang myself and die. Bindu, Geetha and Somanna are responsible for my death. Please don't spare them."

Manjula's husband Subramani runs a pan-beeda shop in Devanahalli.  Reports claim that Manjula and Subramani were living in the rented house owned by Somanna. They had asked the couple to vacate the house as they wanted to lease the house to different tenants. When talks to convince the tenants failed, both resorted to violence to prove their point.

The owner Somanna had discontinued water supply to Manjula's house on Sunday. This led to a heated argument and both approached the police station. They were sent away after they were made to arrive at a compromise. However, fights started again, which eventually led to Manjula taking the extreme step.