Ever since the announcement on demonetisation has made by the Prime Minister, one of the common sight is people standing in queues outside ATMs to withdraw cash.  Also, the social media feeds are full of people complaining about 'no cash' situation on the ATMs. 


To help people locate the ATMs where money is available, CMS Info Systems, one of the few companies that manage ATMs in India, has developed a tool. By using this tool anyone, anywhere in India will be able to locate the ATMs machines that are dispensing cash. 


Following is the link of the website where you will have to select your state and city, and a list will appear having the ATMs locations where money is available. 




Users can also notify the ATMs that are not functioning with just a click here. 


The company on a statement said, "Even as we are working round the clock to get as many ATMs as we can filled with cash, here’s another quick step from us to make life easier for all concerned. We have created the CMS ATM Finder. It’s a ready reckoner of all the ATMs we manage that are dispensing cash,” 


However, this tool lists banks whose ATMs are serviced by this company and not all the banks.