It has not even been a couple of weeks that the new ₹500 notes have been circulated in the market by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and already two variants of it has surfaced.


The defects are not one but people have found quite a number of them in the new ₹500 notes. From different colour to differently placed items on the note to unequal sizes are few of the problems that can confuse the citizens in this crisis situation post demonetisation.


Surprisingly, RBI has admitted that there are issues with the new ₹500 notes and they have blamed it on the ‘rush.’


RBI spokesperson Alpana Killawala stated on Thursday that this mishap has happened due to the ongoing rush. She also added that people can freely use the notes without any confusion and if they feel that they cannot use, they can return the notes to RBI.


However, any such reports did not surface about the new ₹2000 notes as of yet.