PM Narendra Modi came up with his ‘surgical strike’ on the black money of the nation last week. Since then, there have been a number of instances where black money-holders have tried to burn or just abandon heaps of unaccounted cash by the dustbins in several places across the country. It is but obvious people will try and exchange their existing 500 and 1000 rupee notes before December 31, 2016.


But in order to restrict the same people exchanging cash more than once, the Centre has announced that those who will exchange notes at banks will have an indelible ink mark on their fingers.


In this way, the bank will not only stop a person from exchanging money multiple times but also can reduce crowd at the branches and ATMs as well.


Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das stated that few people have been visiting different branches and ATMs again and again. He also said that the black money holders have arranged groups through which they convert their black money into white by sending different people at different branches at different times. 


As a result of this, the government have decided to take this drastic step to stop these people.


On the contrary, ordinary people have been suffering. They have been waiting for their turn to withdraw money outside the banks and ATMs. Many have not been able to deposit cash because they have not got a chance to do so.