Joint or separate finances:  

One of the most common arguments between couples is financial especially in the early stages of a getting serious relationship. Thus, it is important to know your partners financial status. Most couples are divided between keeping a separate or joint account. It eventually boils down to what the couples want. But no matter the course eventually taken, do not keep your finances a secret. Most end up having an individual as well as joint checking account.



Several credit cards on hand:

This is actually a smart move. Having multiple cards on hand influences you to have a better credit score. As long as you end up paying your monthly credit card expenses, this is a good move.



Rent vs Buy:



Most people believe that it is better off to buy a house than rent it. However, in some cases it makes more financial sense to rent than to buy because you won’t be tied down to paying off your home loans over the next 20 years.   



Pay your debts off: 

While that may be a no-brainer, the idea is to pay off those debts that have a higher interest rate, and work your way down. However, that may not be true in everyone’s case. So whatever debt you have, start paying it off asap. If it’s a small amount do so, this will give you the confidence to move forward with other payments. Otherwise, you’re debt will build up, if you choose to put it off for later.



Start saving now:


Don’t postpone saving. Start now. Saving now lays a firm financial foundation.