The Middle East and North Africa Recruiting Trends of 2017 is out, and according to this, the main focus of organisations in UAE and the whole of the Middle East and North Africa region will be attracting new employees. 


If you are thinking of looking out or finding a better opportunity for yourself then, this survey has many important pointers about which companies to look at, what job to switch to, and where companies are looking at to hire new people. 


The LinkedIn survey shows that engineering, operations, and sales related jobs see a boost and companies will be looking for people to fill in various roles related to these profiles. 


In another report, LinkedIn, the business and employment-oriented social networking platform, disclosed the top skills that different companies will be looking for to hire in the coming year.  


Statistical analysis and data mining are the top skills companies will be looking at, followed by public policy and international relations, web architecture and development framework, algorithm design, and SEO/SEM marketing. 


HR experts are also predicting that people with experience and background in registration or collection of value-added tax (VAT) will be in demand. 


The LinkedIn trends report has been prepared from responses of above 170 corporate talent acquisition leaders mostly companies in the Middle East and North Africa region. About 60% of the companies confirmed that they would be hiring more whereas about 29% respondents said they are expected to hire less. 


About 57% recruiters said social media networks will be their favourite place for finding new and right candidates, where 52% will look into employee referrals, and only 31% will find candidates through online job portals.