Due to the rise in global oil prices, the Ministry of Energy of United Arab Emirates (UAE) have increased the petrol rates for January. This happened because there was an agreement signed between the oil-producing countries to cut output from January to get stability on the oil prices.


The petrol prices in January in UAE will be as follows:


Super 98-Dh1.91, up from Dh1.80; Special 95-Dh1.80, up from Dh1.69; E Plus-91-Dh1.73, up from Dh1.62.


On the other hand, the diesel prices will be as follows: Dh1.94 per litre compared to December’s price of Dh1.81 per litre.


The trading rates of Brent crude and US crude West Texas Intermediate at around 2:20 Abu Dhabi time was $56.42 per barrel and $54.16 respectively.


It is understandable that there is going to be considerable amount of rush at the petrol bunks throughout the country before January 1, 2017.