The next time you begin to sip your favourite cappuccino flavours in a café in Dubai, know that you are in very elite company. According to global consultancy Mercer, only two cities have higher coffee prices than Dubai: Zurich and Kinshasa.


The Gulf News recently referenced data from price comparison site Numbeo, which showed that the price of a cup of cappuccino in Dubai was Dh16.46 — higher than the price in Hong Kong, the city ranked as having the highest cost of living in the world. Industry experts explain that prices have risen in the UAE given the number of wealthy expatriates and growth in overall demand.


In early 2016, the Khaleej Times reported that “over 4,000 cafes serving tea and coffee operate in the UAE and 82% of the population consumes coffee daily.” Market analytics firm Euromonitor noted that $121 million was spent on coffee in the UAE in 2014.


Business people note that coffee is a major part of local Arabic cuisine and is also considered mandatory in business engagements and leisure. It is expected that Dubai’s love affair with coffee, and the beverage’s prices, will piggyback on the hospitality boom under way ahead of EXPO 2020, which event organisers claim will be attended by 25 million visitors.