It seems Indian Railways will be the preferred mode of travel within India as flight tickets will cost more as the hike in jet fuel price is forcing the airlines to raise domestic fares. After last year record low prices due to global energy prices fall, this is a shocker for frequent flyers. 


The jinx of dropping flue price that began on 2015 finally saw an upward graph in the month of November with an increase of 8% on-month at the New Delhi airport was recorded as reported by the Economic Times. December did not see any significant change in price, but in January and February this year the fuel price attained some stability. 


To meet the raised fuel charge, the airlines are passing the additional cost to the passengers. The publication quoting a Jet Airways’ senior executive confirmed that this airline recently revived their fuel surcharge component on domestic flights. Further, he confirmed that for the biggest costing item in Indian carriers is the jet-fuel, meaning there will be visible rise on domestic flight tickets. 


The last two months of 2016 saw a substantial drop in the airfares, but in January this prices increased due to the rise of fuel price and depreciation of rupee which may further see a sharp rise after the month of March. 



Meanwhile, the Union Budget of 2017-18 decided to do away with the service charge on tickets booked online through IRCTC to bring down the cost of travelling via train. In short, the hike in flight ticket cost and lowering of train tickets is expected to boost Indian railways.