​1. The Indian Express had reported that West Bengal BJP leader Manish Sharma was arrested by Special Task Force in Kolkata on charges of money laundering.  He had in his possession ₹2000 notes worth ₹33 lakh. Union minister of state for heavy industries BJP MP Babul Supriyo had even campaigned for him in the Assembly Elections of 2016.



2. On November 19, as reported in the Financial Express,  Police have reportedly seized ₹ 91.5 lakh in cash from a vehicle belonging to Solapur-based Lok Mangal group, which is controlled by BJP leader and Maharashtra cooperation minister Subhash Deshmukh. The minister said the cash was meant for payment to workers in a sugar factory affiliated to the group controlled by him. It is reported that the currency found was in the form of demonetised ₹1000 note, later the minister confessed it was his own cash.



3.JVR Arun, BJP’s youth wing secretary from Salem, Tamil Nadu was caught with several bundles of currency notes worth₹ 20.55 lakh with 926 pieces of ₹2,000, 1530 of ₹100 and 1,000 of ₹ 50 notes. Interestingly, Arun had extensively praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Facebook after the decision to demonetise the currency was taken on November 8 and had even said he had no problem in queuing up for the money.



4. Cash amounting to ₹3 crore was recovered from the car of a Bharatiya Janata Party leader in Ghaziabad. A Maruti Swift car was intercepted at Indirapuram when it tried to break through the barricade. Occupants of the car said the money belonged to BJP and was being transferred from the party headquarters in Delhi to its Lucknow office and also showed a letter to support their claim. Police, however, took them to the police station and contacted Income Tax officials to verify the claims before letting them go.



5. The most revealing and rather a huge smack in the face was of the Karnataka ex-BJP leader Gali Janardhan Reddy. First, he held a lavish ₹500 crore wedding for his daughter right when the PM had announced demonetisation in the country. The guest list did include some of the top BJP officials. Now Gali Janardhan's name appears in the suicide note of Ramesh Gowda  who alleged that Reddy had been mentally harassing him and laundering ₹100 crore black money post the note ban.


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