Why do I get the sneaky feeling that ‘laddu’ is exactly what will come into our hands at the end of the long waiting line. A metaphor which sits fit for those looking forward to the end of demonetisation as well.


The humble laddu (sweet) has already been disgraced enough by married people in India, thanks to the references of  shaadi ka laddu, where one cannot resist having the ladoo and once had, one cannot stop complaining about its bitter taste.


And now the BJP has done it again - gone and ruined laddu for a whole lot of us.


Newly instated Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwary has a very interesting logic on the distribution of the single laddu. He says that we will not cause any rifts within any family so they will be distributing one laddu per family as thanking people for their ‘patience’. Has he not been reading the news? We’ll help him out here:


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Poor BJP also has been struck by demonetisation hard that is why the stingy move to give one laddu per family. What if I want two? What if two members from the same family take more than one laddu will we be held guilty?


The laddu ka fundaa is what I don’t get.


The Indian junta does not need this BJP. Standing in lines, suffering from cash crunch, wondering how they will pay their bills, travel by bus or pay the maid, we have stopped looking at where demonetisation is actually leading us. All we need is our money Mr Tiwary and not a laddu for doing something which we did not want to do in the first place. This laddu from the BJP is that gold star every  kindergartner gets pasted onto his notebook for doing an exercise well. Thanks, but no thanks.


By the way, did you notice? how this is not the only laddu the Modi government is giving us. When you ask for money, you get laddu; when you ask for reforms – you get laddu; when you look for the promised changes – you get laddu, while ministers and highly-placed people are busy hoarding black money in new currency, you wait in line and get - a ladoo.


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