All sorts of things are happening in India currently as an aftermath of the currency ban. People have been waiting outside the banks and ATMs in long serpentile queues to get their hands on cash, which is a rarity currently. Meanwhile, a bank had little cash and gave a man ₹20,000 in ₹10 coins. The money weighed almost 16 kilos in all.


A public relation professional named Imtiaz Alam was asked by the bank whether he would like to accept the ₹20,000 in ₹10 coins. He did it because he did not want to wait in those long queues.


The bank initially refused to pay him ₹20,000 as they did not have enough cash. Then Alam decided to go and speak to the manager as he needed the money urgently. The bank decided to give him the money in ₹10 coins.


Alam felt that the move to ban higher currency note by the Modi government was good but they should have been ready to face any kind of contingencies. In this case, it did not happen for which the public has been suffering ever since.