People were eagerly waiting for PM Modi’s speech on December 31 more than the midnight celebrations ahead of New Year.


It was quite a rosy interview with people in the rural India being praised for their support to eradicate black money. He made promises that a series of loans were available for them on lower interest rates.


But dear Modi, as of now what people, mainly need is their right or freedom to withdraw the hard earned money whenever they want without any restrictions and not more loans.


The ardent supporters of Modi had extended their support to him even before the speech that they were ready to give him more time to set things right regarding demonetisation. Some even argued on social media that nothing can be achieved within 50 days, so we should give him more time.


Dear supporters, is Modi so naive that he did not know what you all knew that too without the help of any experts? Making rosy speeches is not going to solve any problems. There should be answers and solutions- less theory but more practical ones to set the problem right.


Else, taking people for granted might prove costly, dear Modi.


Here are ten ways people are suffering even after 50 days

1)    ATMs still not dispensing ₹500 note

Though the Centre has increased the withdrawal limit to ₹4,500 per day, most of the ATMs still do not have ₹500 and those lucky get ₹4000 only!


2)    ATMs still found with No Cash boards

As the limit of withdrawal has gone up, the money is also exhausted with speed in ATMs. So, as usual after some transactions, the shutters are down with the no cash board


3)    RBI not accepting old notes

The government had said that people could exchange their old notes, if any, at the Reserve Bank of India and its four branches in the country till March 31. But on Monday, people were found waiting in the long queue at the RBI in Delhi and the bank refused to exchange or deposit the old notes.


4)    NRIs entertained

Those standing in the long queues in front of RBI alleged that the notes were being exchanged for NRIs, whereas common people were not even allowed to get inside the gate.


5)    Banks in rural areas still have no cash

Rural areas in Karnataka like Athani and Chikkodi people are staging a protest. People forced the bank staff out and locked the bank in protest as they were tired of coming to the bank every day but going back empty-handed. This situation is opposite to what Modi explained as the situation in the rural areas.


6)    People are missing work, students missing classes

Especially people from rural areas, who have to depend on the daily wage are forced to miss their days work to stand in line to be able to meet the day-to-day needs of the household including food. When parents cannot miss work, students are asked to stand in line, who in turn miss their classes. This doesn’t look like an ideal way to help the common people


7)    Huge amount of new notes seized

This trend is a clear example that those with black money have exchanged their money for new notes. How is limiting the withdrawal of money going to curb black money?


8)    Small shops do not accept e-wallet, people don’t have change!

Even though the advertisements claim that most of the shops and retail houses have gone online, it is not true in reality. In fact, the e-retail recorded a loss of ₹10,000 crore this year! So, people are finding it difficult to use public transport system (not everybody can afford cabs) and to purchase medicines or pay hospital bills, etc.


9)    Daily wage workers have no job!

Thanks to demonetisation, many construction works have come to a halt. The workers here are paid on daily basis. However, lack of change and limited withdrawal has put these workers out of work.


10)    Not all can use the e-wallet including BHIM App.

India has people of all walks of life and a large number of people are not digitally equipped. Phones in rural areas are mostly used for a conversation on call. Some even do not know to read or send a message. And most of them do not have an internet connection and use basic mobile sets. So, all of them are forced to buy an android phone and have an internet connection. Those who cannot read also should download the app and start using them to make payments just because you have no choice.


And if you still crib about it, you are against the welfare of the country. Dear Modiji, for what fault of ours are we made to suffer and for how long?