Over the past few days, cash has dried up like never before across the nation. Everyone has money in the banks or flaunting banned ₹500 and ₹1000 notes or are found standing in the queues outside the ATMs or complaining about how to manage with such less cash in hand. 


I am not unfamiliar with this situation as due to various reasons or sometimes no reasons at all I am perpetually broke. I am broke but never to the extent when I have to beg, borrow, or steal money for survival. 


In short, my financial situation is just perfect for the current currency ban scenario, and I am able to live and endure the difficulty without complaining. 


If you are wondering how do I do it, here are my top 5 tips to survive with cash. 


1. Identify the essentials: Money is a big thing, and it often clouds our judgement. The philosophy that we follow is "if I can afford then why not?" Whereas the philosophy should be "do, I really need this?" So, identify what is essential to reduce spending money on things that are not essential.


2. Look for alternatives: From garments to mode of transportation, there are always alternatives that you can look for to reduce your expenditure. Gone are the days when brand loyalty mattered or one's social status depended on what car he/she drives. So, look for alternatives that better suits your budget. 


3. Walk around: If you are not travelling too far then try walking, it saves transportation money, you can skip your gym membership, and also you will get to know about places and shortcuts about which you never had any idea. 


4. Cook food: Remember VAT, service tax, and service charge, all this are not attached to the meal that you cook at home. Those of you who eat outside and do not buy vegetables and edibles will be surprised to see the price that you pay for a bowl of oriental delight or a plate of continental delicacy and what its ingredients actually costs in the market. 


5. Treat money like BFF: Be a little possessive with the cash that you have right now and stop sharing it with the world. It is a sign of good friendship to pay for a cup of tea, coffee, occasional snacks but, remember your best friend forever is money, so be a bit possessive while spending it. 


Money is called an asset and it should be treated as such to get better returns from the cash that you have in hand right now.