Over 3 million debit cards belong to several major banks in India were affected in the last two months following an ATM security breach through malware infestation.


The entire issue came to light after SBI, which is India’s largest commercial bank, said that it had blocked 6 lakh debit cards to ward off security threat.


“Card network companies NPCI, Mastercard and Visa had informed various banks in India about a potential risk to some cards in India owing to a data breach. Accordingly, SBI has taken precautionary measures and have blocked cards of certain customers identified by the networks,” SBI said in a statement.


The threat, however, was not specific to SBI alone, other major banks such as Axis Bank, HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank, have also admitted being hit by similar cyber attacks.


This is one of the biggest security breaches in India.


Here are 10 tips which will ensure that your ATM transactions are safe. Follow these methods immediately to have worry-free bank transaction through your debit-credit cards.


1.    Register your mobile and e-mail ID in the bank you have an account with. According to RBI’s direction, banks will send you a message on your mobile phone or email  ID as soon as any transaction takes place on your account.


2.    Do not neglect any mail or message sent by your bank. Read it carefully. In case, of any doubt notify the bank representatives immediately.


3.    Consider ATM pin or information regarding your bank account, very private. Do not share it with anyone. If there is a fault from your side, the bank will not be of any help in recovering your money. So be careful


4.    Change your credit or debit card pin numbers regularly.


5.    Do not throw the receipt of your transaction in the dustbin kept at ATM centres, nor throw it at any public place. Use the SMS service than taking the printed receipt.


6.    Cover your hand when you type the pin number. Do not allow it to be seen by people around your or even to be registered in the CCTV cameras installed in the ATM centres.


7.    Do not give your card to anyone else. There are chances of preparing a dummy card and using your pin number to withdraw money.


8.    Do not continue with online transaction which does not have One-time Password (OTP) option


9.    While transacting in the ATM, wait for the machine to show you the message that your transaction has been completed. If you do not get the message on the screen, inform the bank immediately. Do not leave till you see the message


10.    After the transaction, wipe the number panel at ATM from hand or cloth, it prevents miscreants from finding out your pin number through your fingerprints.